Why Do Power Banks Have Flashlights?

a solar power bank with its flashlight turned on

When you think of power banks, flashlights aren’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. But more and more power bank models actually do have integrated flashlights that can be used for a variety of uses.

Power banks with flashlights are especially useful for camping and hiking, as well as long, overnight car trips, as many of them provide a solid source of light in the dark. Additionally, flashlight power banks can come in really handy during a long-lasting power outage.

Keep reading this article and learn about other situations in which flashlight power banks can be really useful.

What Is A Power Bank Flashlight Used for?

Before I bought my first power bank with an integrated flashlight, I really didn’t think that I would have much use for it. But as I do plenty of overnight outdoor activities, I soon realized how practical such a device really is!

Among others, power bank flashlights can be used for the following:

Hiking and Camping

The outdoors can be really awesome, but, at times, also really intimidating, especially at night. Trust me, I know, as I have spent hundreds of nights camping in a tent.

Hikers and campers have perhaps the most use for a combination of power bank and flashlight, as they typically have to bring both with them on their trips.

So, why not save money and valuable space and get both things via one and the same device!

Pro Tip: If you have a solar power bank, you can even recharge your flashlight during the day, using the sun. This is the perfect solution for longer camping trips!

Night Fishing

Ah, man! I love night fishing! I am an avid angler and really know how valuable a light source is when you’re fishing in complete darkness.

Obviously, the best such source would be a headlamp, but some people don’t like wearing one all night long on their heads, while others, like me from time to time, forget or displace them.

But that doesn’t have to ruin your night fishing trip if you have a power bank with a built-in flashlight with you. And the best thing is that you can both hold it comfortably in your hand or place it on the ground, a chair, a table, or a bag in order to light up your fishing spot.

Power Outages

If you’ve ever experienced a major power outage at home, you know how useful a flashlight is when it’s getting dark (both outside and inside!).

A power bank with a flashlight will not only enable you to keep your devices and gadgets charged (most importantly your cell phone, I suppose), but it also helps you to navigate through your home in the darkness.

Night Shifts

If you are working the graveyard shift, a power bank with a flashlight always comes in handy. You’ll most likely need a flashlight anyway, but a flashlight/power bank combo will not only provide you with a reliable source of light but also keep your cell phone, radio, blue tooth headset or anything else you might carry with you during your shift.


Imagine your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, or you get lost in a deep forest during a walk or hiking trip. Whatever might happen, having a rechargeable flashlight in the form of a power bank can really help you out.

Not only will you be able to find your way once nightfall approaches, but you will also be able to keep your mobile charged so that you can call for help and/or keep in touch with whoever is on the other end of that line.

Not feeling alone in such a situation really makes a lot of difference!

How Bright Are Power Bank Flashlights?

Many power bank flashlights are bright enough to help you see well in the dark. They shine pretty brightly and can do so for several hours.

Most flashlights in power banks are in the 90 to 120 lumens range, with modes to switch between dull and bright light. Those can have a brightness level that will illuminate a distance of around 100 to 120 feet.

However, there are power bank flashlights with up to 200 lumens. A light source of 50 lumens has an approximate range of 50 to 70 feet, so you can imagine how much light a source of 200 lumens can generate! Let’s just say that you’ll definitely be able to light up the night with it!

Do Flashlights drain a Power Bank’s Battery?

Flashlights and their LEDs have to be provided with a current in order to work. That current, or energy, will have to come from the power bank itself, which is why an in-built flashlight will in fact drain the battery of its power bank.

How much current is needed for the flashlight is determined by the number of lumens, which is simply a standard term to describe the output of light.

Hence, the more lumens the flashlight has, meaning the brighter it shines, the more energy it’ll use up.

And while a standard low light-intensity LED won’t drain the power bank battery all that much, a strong 150-200 lumen flashlight will multiple LEDs definitely will. Keep that in mind when using such a flashlight over a longer period of time and consider lowering its intensity whenever you can, in order to preserve battery power.

Pro Tip: Never leave the flashlight on when charging our power bank, as it will continue to drain the battery even while it is charging. It will prolong the charging time considerably!

What Are the Best Power Banks with Flashlights?

Below, I have listed two power banks with very strong and reliable flashlights that both last a long time, are energy efficient, and do not cost all that much. Both of these models can be found on Amazon.

Novoo Explorer 10000mAh

This waterproof power bank with a flashlight is excellent for travel and/or outdoor activities. It only takes 4 hours to be fully charged and its built-in super bright flashlight can be used for up to 45 hours, given that you have a fully charged battery from the start.

This is definitely my favorite flashlight power bank for all kinds of outdoor adventures and the fact that water cannot damage it makes it a great pick!

You can find out more about the Novoo Explorer on Amazon here.

Panergy 26800mAh Solar Power Battery Bank

This heavy-duty power bank has a recharge time of 8 hours, but at 26.800mAh, it’ll both last you for many days and be able to power its flashlight throughout entire nights.

What’s really cool about it is its mosquito repellant orange light, as well as its solar panels that allow for socketless charging. And you know what, both of these features actually work!

Go check it out on Amazon right now!

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